*** Concerns over LEN European Masters 2018 ***

Letter to LEN regarding concerns over the facilities for the 2018 European Championships supported by multiple Masters Diving countries.

Letter to LEN - http://www.diving-gbdf.com/downloads/LetterLENSlovenia2018.pdf

Updates :

11th December 2017


Dear All,




I am pleased to say that I have now received an email from the Vice Chair of the LEN Masters Committee, Hordur J Oddfridarson, who states that he will discuss the matter with the Chairman (Simon Rothwell) and Secretary (Lukasz Jarochowski ) of the Masters Committee, no later than next week in Copenhagen.

I assume he will contact me with a response soon after.

While this contact is welcome, we should not draw any conclusions that any response will be favourable and continue to plan accordingly.








:: Jim McNally



4th December 2017

This email was sent this evening to the original recipients of the letter of concern from masters divers across Europe.

Members of LEN,

The diving community is extremely disappointed that you have failed to even acknowledge our letter of concern over the facilities provided for the LEN Masters Diving Championships. This letter was sent on 25 September and you have not even had the courtesy to respond in any way.


It seems that you are determined to downgrade the European Masters Diving Championships to that of a minor club event; certainly LEN’s indifference to legitimate concerns expressed by divers across Europe and endorsed by a former member of the LEN Masters Committee shows a lack of concern that borders on arrogance.

We do not want to confront, but wrote to you in a spirit of co-operation. Masters divers do not have to compete within the LEN competitive programme, however we do want to. It is difficult to have any meaningful dialogue with an organisation that refuses to engage with us, therefore, if I have not received a meaningful response from LEN by 1700hrs GMT on Friday 19 December, we will understand that to mean that you do not wish to engage in any way with the masters diving community and prefer to allow LEN Masters Diving Championships to be organised in a knowledge vacuum, by people with no experience of masters diving. I do hope that this is not the case.

:: Jim McNally
Great Britain Diving Federation


22nd October 2017

 As of 22 October, we still await any kind of response from LEN.  A number of European leaders in Masters Diving are now considering arranging an alternative ‘European Championships’ at a venue that does have appropriate facilities.


Grunde Vegard, a former member of both the LEN & FINA Masters Committees has publicly supported the concerns expressed in our letter to LEN on 25 September.  Grunde stated that "it is a disgrace how LEN is treating the masters divers."  He also affirms that it will be "impossible" to stage the LEN diving event satisfactorily in the Jesenice pool.