Provision for Members


• Affiliated Clubs
• Personal Members

Please note a member of an Affiliated Club is not covered unless they have also registered individually with the GBDF.
Members must be UK residents for some aspects of the Insurance.
The maximum age for cover under the personal accident policy for sections 1,2,3 and 5 is restricted to 75 as section 4 does not apply once 70 is reached.


Civil Liability Insurance

Entitled to Indemnity:

The GBDF and all its affiliated members.
Indemnity is provided to members who are UK residents only.
Although personal accident cover is through Perkins Slade the Civil Liability is now Public Liability covered via Endsleigh Insurance (Brokers) Ltd - Sportscover Europe Ltd PO Box HQ 420, 1 Undershaft, London EC3P 3DQ.


The main features of the insurance are:

Professional Indemnity – Loss, financial or otherwise, arising out of Errors and Omissions – Bad advice
Libel and Slander, including ‘defamation’ – which is vital in relation to the consequences of allegations of abuse.
Directors and Officers Liability.

Operative time:

Any Authorised/recognised activity of the GBDF.

Limits of Indemnity:

• Civil Liability: £5 million any one occurrence
• Product Liability: £5 million in any one period of insurance


Personal Accident Insurance

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Other Insurance Considerations

Claims Notification Requirements:

The Insurers shall be given immediate written notice with full particulars of any claims or circumstances which may give rise to a claim.

Every letter, claim, writ, summons and process in connection with such circumstances shall be forwarded to the Insurers immediately on receipt.

Written notice shall also be given by the Insured to the Insurers immediately the Insured shall have knowledge of any prosecution, inquest or inquiry in connection with any circumstances which may give rise to liability under this Policy.

The Woolf Reforms:

Every incident, particularly those involving personal injury, must be reported immediately it happens, as strict time limits are now in place for the handling of claims.