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Great Britain Diving Federation Constitution


1.         Name


1.1       The “organisation” shall henceforth be known as the Great Britain Diving




hereafter referred to as “the Federation”.




2.         Objective




2.1      The Federation will promote the interests of the sport of diving and everything


           conducive or incidental to the attainment of this objective.




3.         Membership




3.1       The Federation may be affiliated to any diving/swimming association as decided by the Board of Directors.


3.2       Membership of the Federation shall be open to all. The Federation shall not


discriminate unfairly, or unlawfully.  Membership is with the approval of the Board of Directors but can refuse membership if in its considered opinion, the election of an applicant would be against the interests of the federation or its general membership.


3.3       Individuals applying for membership shall apply to the Administration Director of the appropriate form and may comprise the following types of membership: